Our mission

We aim to be leaders in the tax refund industry. We have achieved immense recognition on the tax market by:

  • constantly improving the quality of the service we offer
  • training our staff to the best of our ability
  • offering the fastest tax refund service, the lowest fees, and the highest tax refund amount than our competitors
  • being fully committed to every customer whether you are an individual or an organization
  • ensuring comprehendible, transparent and fully secured tax preparation process

Our social responsibility

By using our online software you will became a part of our social responsibility that includes two fundraising programs:

Go Green

Get your tax refund paper free with Tax from US and we will donate $2.00 to Go Green for every tax refund completed through our 1040NR software.

Help Orphans of Donbass

Having our roots from Ukraine, we see it as our responsibility to support kids who lost their parents and guardians during the war in Ukraine. We will donate $5.00 to Orphans through our 1040NR software for every tax refund completed.

Our promises

100% accuracy guarantee

We double check each tax return so you can rest assured that your return is correct.

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If you are assessed a penalty from the IRS or state taxing authority due to miscalculation in a Tax From US software, we'll pay the penalty and interest. See limitations below.  This guarantee does not apply if you use a Tax From US software to prepare returns for others. This guarantee does not apply if you override amounts within your tax return or if you fail to enter all required information accurately. To claim a reimbursement, send written notice to [email protected] within 15 days of receiving a notification from the IRS or state authorities. Please include a copy of your tax return, a copy of the penalty notification from the IRS and any other relevant data that may be requested in order to determine a Tax From US calculation error.

Biggest refund guarantee

We fight to get 100% of your hard earned money.

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When you choose Tax From Us you will get your maximum Federal refund. If you get a larger refund or smaller tax due from another tax preparation method, we will refund the applicable federal and/or state purchase price paid.

Personal data security guarantee

We work hard to protect your information so that you can file your taxes with confidence.

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In Tax From US LLC we test our site every day for security and use the most advanced 256 bit encrypted technologies. Our security specialists work to protect you personal information through constant monitoring of data, internal and external tests.

Our tax products specially fitted for every situation

By choosing Self-Prepared option you pay the lowest fee for tax preparation services and have a clear picture of the tax process as you prepare your return.

Use our software to answer simple questions, print and send your accurately prepared tax return to IRS and get your refund.

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Federal Tax Preparation $59.95
State Tax Preparation $29.95
FICA Tax Return $15.95
ITIN Application $95.00
Form 8843 $12.95

Pay nothing out of pocket. File your taxes with Tax From US, and subtract the tax preparation fee from your Federal return.

Use our software to answer simple questions, upload your documents and our tax experts will do the rest for you.

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Non-Resident Tax Preparation from $80.00 + handling fee
State Tax Preparation from $60.00 + handling fee
FICA Tax Return $75.00 + handling fee
ITIN Application $350.00
EIN Application $99.95
Document Retrieving Service $15.00 + handling fee
Express Processing $45.00 + Tax Preparation Fee
Urgent Processing $90.00 + Tax Preparation Fee

Specially designed for our affiliate partners and colleges who participate in our institutional program and provide Tax From US Access Code for their international students and workers.

If you qualify, your Federal tax preparation is FREE.

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Federal Tax Preparation FREE
ITIN Application FREE
Form 8843 FREE
FICA Tax Return $15.95
State Tax Preparation $19.95