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The online USA tax preparation solution for international students and workers

Our Fees

Find out about our tax preparation fees. Pay nothing out of your pocket. Use your Federal tax refund to pay for Tax From US.

Our initial estimation of your Federal refund is free of charge! We will check your tax refund further and determine what additional services such as applying for ITIN, returning of your FICA taxes or retrieving missing documents you need.

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We create different products that best fits your tax situation. No matter what package you choose, you will get:

- 100% Accurate Calculation

- Review of tax deductions, credits and treaty benefits

- Customer support with tax experts

Self-Prepared Service - By choosing Self-Prepared option you pay the lowest fee for tax preparation services and have a clear picture of the tax process as you prepare your return.
Use our software to answer simple questions, print and send your accurately prepared 1040NR tax return to IRS and state tax authorities, and get your refund.

Federal Tax Preparation - $29.95

State Tax Preparation - $19.95

FICA Tax Return - $15.95

ITIN Application - $12.95

Form 8843 - $12.95

Platinum Service – Pay nothing out of pocket. File your taxes with Tax From US, and subtract the tax preparation fee from your nonresident Federal return.
Use our software to answer simple questions, upload your documents and our tax experts will do the rest for you.

Federal Tax Preparation - $54.95 plus handling fee

State Tax Preparation - $24.95 plus handling fee

FICA Tax Return - $74.95 plus handling fee

ITIN Application - $34.95

EIN Application - $99.95

Document Retrieving Service - $24.95 plus handling fee

Express Processing - $34.95 plus Tax Preparation Fee

Urgent Processing - $74.95 plus Tax Preparation Fee

Prepaid Program - Specially designed for our affiliate partners and colleges who participate in our institutional program and provide Tax From US Access Code for their international students and workers. If you qualify, your nonresident Federal tax preparation is FREE.

Federal Tax Preparation - FREE

ITIN Application - FREE

Form 8843 - FREE

FICA Tax Return - $15.95

State Tax Preparation - $19.95

Handling Fee:

Bank Deposit - $30.00

Personal Check – $20.00

MoneyGram – $30.00 for up to $499.00 transfer


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How it Works?

Tax From US makes preparing your taxes hassle free and affordable. Our unique online software incorporates most up-to-date nonresident tax laws and regulations along with a user-friendly navigation


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